How to Spot Art in the Digital World

Art never just existed in paintings, architecture and performances; it has always been a way of living. Since the dawn of time, art has been incorporated within our everyday lives, if only we really seek it, and bring ourselves to understand it. For example, our cutlery, accessories, bags, shoes, cars, interiors, hairdo’s, makeovers, hair colors and styles, and every such thing you could ever think of, has a way with art. Have you taken a look at the latest smartphones? The sleek metal back, and the astonishingly classy colors they come in? The minimalistic designs that leading companies such as Samsung and Apple come up with, when designing products such as smartphones, laptops, tablets, TV’s etc. It’s not only the technology, storage, apps, features and advantages when paired with some of the fastest internet providers that we now focus on – as always, the outside exterior has to be just perfect. Which brings us to the question, is this art? Has technology finally begun to merge roads with what we call beauty – something that’s aesthetically pleasing?

As opposed to the recent past where gadgets were limited and the outer designs rather unflattering, technologically however, they were sought after, because of the convenience they offered. Now, with a plethora of smartphones and gadgets from different companies, shapes, sizes, colors and types, competition has forced these organizations to outshine in terms of the beauty they now incorporate within the bodies of these gadgets. For example, Samsung has, or so it looks, experimented with the edge screen of its smart phones along with a curve in the back as well, in its latest two models, S7 edge and S8, which come in ravishing colors including Maple Gold, Grey, Platinum Silver, and Black. For someone who admires beauty and minimalistic designs around them, these smartphones are designed to attract them and aesthetically please its owners much like an accessory that enhances your look. Same is the case with Apple. Apple has made somewhat of a fashion statement with the new red IPhone, which has almost similar specs to previous IPhones, but since its exterior-focused, and designed to suit those who have an eye for beauty and art, we can safely assume that the digital and technological world is slowly tilting towards art.

Similarly, MacBook Pro, for example, is completely sleek and slim, with its infamous minimalistic design, with a beautiful rose pink color available specifically for ladies with a specifically feminine taste in accessories. All these digital and technological gadgets that were originally designed to help us achieve more, add convenience and technological assistance in our lives and save us redundant time and effort, are now taking a huge turn towards the world of art, and have begun to achieve not only what the original goal was, but also become infinitely desirable by the looks, sizes, style, grandeur and colors, its apparent how art is making its way into the digital world and subtly, into our lives.

It’s not only the exteriors and outer beauty in these gadgets that has proved that art has creeped into the digital world, it’s also about some of the apps and privileges offered by these very gadgets. For examples, drawing & painting virtually in these devices such as the IPad and IPencil offer almost close to natural drawing facilities and then saving it for later use. It allows you to sketch and paint using different mediums and impressions such as charcoal pencils, water colors, markers etc. which go a long way to make it seem almost real, on paper.

There are also a lot of similar apps available on the internet that you can download on your devices that help make art in a series of ways. They’re relatively unexplored, but utterly delightful, and must be used if you’re interested in art as a way to express yourself or to pass time. Use the fastest internet providers, such as Charter Spectrum to make sure that you can easily download these apps and explore more without hesitation. For artists, a door has been opened into the digital and technological world also, so rest assured!

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