3 Ways to Improve your Customer Loyalty Programs

As the social media evolves, marketers and entrepreneurs are finding new creative ways of blending this booming cyber landscape with customer loyalty programs. The immense power of social platforms becomes evident once an engaged audience starts interacting with a brand. It talks about the offerings, and does not hesitate to like and share quality content. This creates an environment in which relations between people and their favorite companies go beyond the loop of buying and selling.

A Proper Introduction

Repeat, loyal customers are the mainspring of the business success, but they do not flock to your storefront by some miracle. How you introduce the target audience to your loyalty program is of the utmost importance.  The good news is that nothing can rival social media in terms of reach and engagement—it is a perfect tool in the arsenal of any marketer seeking to promote a campaign.

Just remember to highlight the benefits of participating in your program. Many marketers opt for time-limited promotional campaigns, and those who want to see more visits to the stores can tie these activities with in-store check-ins. Also, connect with popular services and applications to maximize the marketing efforts: Claim your business on Foursquare and present some exclusive options to users there.

Hand in Hand

Do not ask too much of the people at the beginning because a simple click of a finger can make a difference. When someone likes your page, all of his friends are able to see it. Encouraging such actions is the key to unlocking the tremendous potential of social media to capture attention. Furthermore, give points to users for sharing information about their social networks. The purpose is to gain insights into online habits and preferred platform of your customers.

This allows you to improve your customer service and encompass your loyalty program with it. When establishing lasting connections with the audience, however, there is not much room for mistakes, and the window of opportunity to impress someone closes fast. A loyalty program must run like clockwork, offering people an easy, fun and convenient set of possibilities. Cause excitement and inspire customers to take action. Be personal in your communication and offer more than a sterile digital handshake.

The winner does not take it all

You need to figure out how to sell your program, and present people with incentives for joining it. The rewards are an essential aspect of your loyalty program, one that contributes to its allure and popularity. For example, you can issue an electronic card or prepaid visa gift card for earning points. A card can be tied to the website, allowing users to log in and see their balance. The only problem is that rewards such as this tend to add up over time, becoming less attractive.

Steer away from traditional “buy 10, get one for free” offers. Try to infuse the program with variety and always strive to keep things interesting. Coupons and discounts always do the trick, as well as special, one-time offers that are available to consumers who collect enough points. When you manage to get creative with rewards, then you do not have to break a bank to satisfy the audience.

Going an Extra Mile

Social media has taken communication with the customers a step further, giving you a chance to get your story and name in front of thousands of people. Customers with a positive brand experience on social accounts are more likely to remember that business organization the next time they log in. This all enables you to stand out in the tumultuous online world and add real value to it. Finally, those business owners who get the program right are able to acquire targeted customer data and utilize it for enhancing their operations and offerings.

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